Boutique fitness clubs are everywhere you look nowadays. For those looking to ditch the traditional gym setting, there are tons of options. From SoulCycle to OrangeTheory to hot yoga studios, it can be hard for fitness lovers to decide where they will be getting their sweat on next.

People who are looking for the next best thing in fitness are curious and open to hearing about what’s available to them.  So how can you grab their attention and convince them to join your gym vs. another? A strong social media strategy is a great place to start.

As of 2017, there were more than 400 million daily active Instagram users.  Thanks to all 400 million of those users, #fitness has been used over 316 million times. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, workout junkies are taking to social media to show off their results, their sweaty post-workout selfie or a picture of their favorite new studio.

As a small and/or growing gym or fitness studio, a well thought out social media strategy that pays attention to trends is critical.  Quite honestly, it may be better to have no social media presence at all than to do a terrible job. For example, think about a studio that fails to respond to comments, private messages and reviews? Not only are they losing their business, but others who are browsing the page to get the feel of the community. Also, a low quality picture of the inside of the studio is a representation of low quality service.  Lastly, if the social brands aren’t paying attention to analytics like social reach of content, then all of their hard work is not being seen. It’s also worth mentioning that a gym that receives low response may appear to outsiders as a ghost town.

Here are 4 social media marketing tips for fitness clubs:

1. Build and Grow a Community:

There are a few ways to grow your audience on social. One of the most effective ways is by using paid content and growth ads to get your studio in front of your target audience.  Try Facebook “like” ads, promoted posts, and lead ads to grow your email list. For Instagram, test out sponsored stories and sponsored posts.

Another method is by simply being social and building a community 68% of Instagram users are said to engage with brands on a regular basis. This shows how effective social media can be to build and maintain a strong audience and create a great sense of community.  Asking people to tag your gym in their photos, check in on Facebook or add hashtags are all simple ways to get followers involved.   Here are a few more ways to get your members involved in social:

2. Show an Inside Look into Your Classes and Studio:

New members may be hesitant to try a class because they simply have NO clue what to expect.  (Google and your website’s FAQ can only offer so much information!) Showcasing what you have to offer through photos and videos will encourage people to come in and try out your studio!

Here are a few great social strategies that provide a realistic preview of your studio:

3. Share Members Success:

This one is important because even your most humble members want some bragging rights every now and then, especially those who have had tremendous success. Members who see that you’ve posted about them will be excited to re-share your post, which alerts all of their friends and family about your gym. Not only does this strengthen the current member relationship, it potentially drives new business in.

Some things to try include:

4. Promotions, Coupons and Other Social Specials:

Anytime you run a special or sale, have products/merchandise to sell at the gym, or want to try a coupon or discount, these should all be posted to social.

Here are a few examples to try:

Are you the owner of a small gym or fitness studio? What has been the most challenging part about building and growing your social media presence? Which of these ideas above do you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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