Craft concise content, post relevant information, and use your platform to gather raw, candid feedback.

Social media can be a distraction for workers, but it can also become a hotbed for genuine, thoughtful employee engagement.

How can communicators make the most of popular platforms for internal messaging? Try these four tips:

1. Craft concise content. Employees will be receptive to snappy, easily digestible messages. If your lengthy emails are largely ignored, try grabbing employees’ attention through punchy posts online.

Make sure your content has a point, of course, and include a clear call to action.

2. Share relevant ideas and information.If you post vapid nonsense, employees will quickly tune you out. Use your social media platforms to showcase workers’ talents, ask questions, highlight employee accomplishments and share information your colleagues might find useful.

Use your channels to start conversations and gather raw feedback.

3. Provide timely updates. Employees want to be in the loop. They want to know how the company’s doing, and they want timely information regarding subjects that might affect their jobs.

Instead of making employees wait for the monthly newsletter or quarterly magazine, use social media to provide mini-updates and brief snapshots of what’s going on.Reporting small victories or even project status updates can keep employees engaged, alleviate anxieties and quash rumors.

4. Pull instead of push. You can’t be everything to everyone. Pick a channel that employees seem to prefer, and make that platform the home for your most irresistible content.

Enable two-way communication through “liking,” sharing or commenting. Listen intently to what your employees have to say, and ask for their insights on which types of content or stories they prefer. Instead of forcing or coercing colleagues to participate, cultivate an entertaining, supportive community that employees are eager to join.

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