In the not so distant past, for most small and midsize businesses – marketing meant advertising. And the channels available for advertising were print, radio, television and internet advertising. For most small businesses, the first three advertising channels were quite expensive but internet advertising was affordable and more importantly, measurable. As more businesses joined the internet advertising bandwagon over the past decade, slowly but steadily it started becoming more and more expensive for business to compete in the market. But the social media wave that came with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networks again changed the game giving SMBs the one channel where they could build their brand without breaking their bank.

Here we present 4 social media tips that are targeted for small business to help them set up and manage a digital presence:

1. Engage pro-actively:
Just having a presence on Social Media platforms for businesses/brands is not sufficient. Its about remaining active and engaging with customers on a regular basis by having positive, meaningful and personal interaction with them. These will not only leave a positive image for your brand but will also boost your sales.

2. Build your own audience:
With so much happening online, one must not ignore the fact that the best way to market your brand is to make your customers brand evangelist. Identify the influencers, connect with the right audience and watch your brand take the lead by making your customers do the talking. Its a cheap, effective and impactful way to create brand awareness and loyalty.

3. Measure ROI on your Social Media Marketing efforts:
Businesses are and will be in a need of a system that will clearly provide with ways to measure the return on their marketing spend; indicating how their social media efforts are directly impacting their business. Simply having the number of fans, likes or comments gives a very vague picture to a marketer. Instead, tracking the sales or leads generated due to marketing collaterals helps a marketer decide what works and what does not, hence guiding the marketer with the budget allocation.

4. Benchmark against your competition:
Social media monitoring can give you valuable insight into what people are saying about your competitors. Share of Voice lets you see how often your brand is being discussed as compared to others. Gather information about your competitors and take into consideration these data while making any future decisions for your business.

Rarely do small businesses have the resources to hire a social media manager and keep track of their customers and competitors in digital world. Let’s face it, tracking millions of conversation online is not humanly possible. What’s even more challenging is to derive valuable insights from the large volume of data. So sit back and relax, let Beevolve take control and provide you with great insights that eventually will help you save time, money and resources for your marketing efforts.

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