While listening to the latest episode of the Covenant Cast in preparation for a podcast with them today, I found myself making notes of the words of wisdom from Rodney Smith of Watch It Played. Below are 4 incredibly insightful things that Rodney mentioned in the podcast (which I’d highly recommend listening to).

  1. “No one owes me anything.” Rodney says this around 21:20 in the podcast, and he’s referring to a mentality that even though people have supported his channel financially in the past doesn’t mean that he expects them to support him in the future. He has to earn and maintain trust every day. I ascribe to this mentality too (though it’s important that I remind myself of it). Fans of our past games don’t owe me any loyalty–each game or expansion is a new consideration for which I must forge new trust. Readers and viewers don’t owe me anything–I’m trying to serve you. Our partners and independent contractors don’t owe me anything–I pay them for goods and services, and they provide those goods and services.
  2. Set goals you have control over. Rodney delves into this around the 24:00 mark. He’s specifically referring to how he views progress for his channel–instead of setting goals he can’t control like “have X subscribers,” he focuses on what he can control, like, “post 1 new video every week for the next 2 months.” I think this is so important for finding satisfaction in my work. I can’t control how many people buy our games, but I can control the quality of what we create and the passion I put into our projects.
  3. You have an impact on the welfare of others. Rodney goes into this late in the podcast. Once people started paying attention to what Rodney had to say online, he realized that he had the opportunity to uplift people by posting about what he likes and enjoys…or he could spend his social currency complaining, disliking, and bashing. I really appreciate the outward focus and awareness here: Your approach may be different than Rodney’s, but I think the key is to be aware of how you impact other people. And in turn, you can choose who you follow on social media, because the way they talk about other people, games, and topics probably has an impact on your psyche too.

Thank you, Rodney, for sharing your wisdom and positivity. I’d love to hear what others think about these tips!


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