You’ve read tons of articles on social media marketing tips. But none of these tips seem to be working for you, right?

Don’t get sick yet. And no, don’t think of giving up on social media. It truly rocks, as many have claimed. But the problem is that you’re yet to make it work for you.

Good news is; your worries are now over. You’re about to discover hot social media tips that you’ve never learned before. And, do you why they’re hot? Because they’re foolproof, according to experts who have tried them and have gotten great results from them.

Here are five tips, as shared by renowned social media marketing experts, which will grow your social media follower-ship and boost your marketing campaigns:

1. Run live events on Facebook

According to Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: an Hour a Day, you’ll attract more followers when you provide additional value and more interesting ways for your existing ones to interact with you. One of such ways is by offering live events on Facebook, such as webinars and teleseminars. Within minutes, you’ll have hundreds to thousands of new followers.

You can use an awesome webinar platform such as Linqto. This tool allows interaction between presenters and participants.

2. Don’t over-focus on marketing

Always concentrate on the word “social” in social media marketing, and care less about the “marketing” part. Your followers want fun and value, and that’s why they joined your platform. If all you do is try to overwhelm them with promotional content, they’ll leave.

So, concentrate on giving value and making it fun, and your followership will grow. This recommendation was given by Hollis Thomasses, author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day.

3. Research what your followers and customers are saying

Brain Solis, author of Engage: The Complete Guide To Building, Cultivating and Measuring Success in the Social Web, recommends that you learn more about what your customers are saying, looking for, and sharing.

This research will help you find the insights for making your campaign more relevant and valuable. Remember, what your followers want is value plus fun. Find out how they want it, and give it to them exactly like that.

4. Be controversial, sometimes

Being controversial doesn’t just work for blogs alone. It works for social media too. And just as controversial blog posts attract tons of comments, controversial updates on social media trigger lots of reactions. These reactions will not come only from your followers, as many people will join your train simply to participate in the discussion.

This strategy was shared by Dean Hunt, an expert in high impact buzz and viral content. Dean applied this strategy when he wrote a post titled, “How to Work Really Hard and Make No Money”. The post turned out a huge success, as it attracted lots of views and comments. Did you note the negative spin in the title? That title did all the magic.

5. Share the knowledge of experts with your followers

Your followers take you for an expert in your line of business. And that’s why they’re “following” you. But you’ll get more followers by sharing tips offered by other experts in your business.

Approach the other experts in your industry, and interview them. Ask many questions that your followers would like to have answers to. (Remember, you’re representing them.) Then share the interview – in any format – with your followers. The next thing you’ll see is an increase in the number of your followers, as they share the interview with others.

This strategy was recommended by Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner

Now, you just learned five tips on how you can leverage the power of social media. Social networking is fun, so stop taking it too serious. Implement them, and you won’t get frustrated this time. It’s a guarantee.

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