5 Important Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

For more than a decade, several platforms dedicated to social media have been altering the essence of communication. Today, business owners, especially the ones dealing with small businesses now find that social media platforms are essential for better business promotion. It is a mandated requirement given the fact that it is well among the trending business promotion sectors. With an average Joe spending a minimum of 1 hour per day over social media platforms, you have direct access to your audience that can help increase brand recall and the website or store visits in an efficient manner. The reach is cheaper and the audience is HUGE! What’s interesting is that you can talk to your customers real-time, hence its important for SMEs to have a sharp focus on Social Media.

So, here are some of the important tips for the use of social media for small businesses.

1-Pick the best from the lot:

Patience is a virtue, not everyone has. There are several social networking sites today that play an important part when it comes to communicating with customers and pushing for sales. Different businesses tend to attract their own set of the target audience. It is necessary that you segregate the target audience for a brand and generate leads with the best-suited platform. Say, for example, if your business is related to the fashion niche, you can brand your products over platforms such as “Instagram” which is known to be a popular site for uploading pictures and fashion influencers. Please note : Your business does not have to be on every Social media channel! – Pick 2 0r 3 and ace them! (We are not on pinterest :P)

2-Build your brand’s voice:

When it comes to businesses, the tone of the brand and the way you sell your USP helps exponentially. In order to attract & engage your target audience for the brand, you need to understand their mind and thought process towards your product or service. Opt for in-depth research on your target audience with regards to the things you offer. Choose methods such as an online survey to make sure you understand exactly what your audience requires. Once you know how your customers speak, go for Social media campaigns that will make sense to them. Make sure you have conversations and not only push one-sided content. Ask Questions, polls – make them feel an emotion! See how some brands are doing it:  Zomato, practo, grofers etc : When they were small, all they did was make a wave with their content. Like See this very old post from Zomato targeting youngsters –

3-Set goals that are attainable:

Social media, although a landmark change in the way digital marketing functions, has its own set of dos and don’ts. Don’t get disheartened if sales don’t come from the second month! Social media will surely amp up your business proceedings and generate proper leads when strategies are crafted properly and some time has been spent for them to brew. Being real is the key to obtaining success from social media platforms. You need to set goals that are completely attainable. Go slow & steady with proper strategic backing. I need sales from social media is wrong. I need 300 leads that will convert into 30 sales in the next 90 days is right. Objectives need to be SMART : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound! 

4-Decide on a schedule:

Planning a schedule is particularly important after you have picked a social media platform. Being hasty in terms of posting a status or content over social media won’t ever yield results. Study the time slots during which these platforms have the highest activity by users and post on these time slots. Make sure posts are regular to ensure people following your brand get new insights with regards to what you sell. Some brands post in the night as that’s when most people are chilling and browsing. Some post early in the morning to catch them during commute.

5-Analyze your competitors:

How will you know that the tactics you have put in place shall work properly? To answer this question, you need to understand that the market has several competitors working day and night to surpass yours. In order to understand and amp up your business tactics, you need to analyze the things your competitors have been working on. Take a look through their profiles over social media and see if it is similar to what you have planned or it’s something unique. Try and come up with similar strategies or completely different and unique ideas that will work wonders. Sometime competition also gives us an insight into the creative ideas or new media technologies that can be used to indulge the audience. 

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