Social media is an ever-changing cat and mouse game. Every time you think you’ve figured it out, something else changes! No reason to sweat it though- as there is always room for improvement! Below I’ve put together my favorite tips and tricks to up your social media game for 2020.

For Instagram

Since Instagram is my main social media account (and I feel like mostly everyone else as well) I’ll be gearing most of the tips toward Instagram!

Tip #1 Utilize Hashtags

Do not let anyone tell you different- hashtags are SO important when it comes to getting exposure/gaining followers/overall reach. However, you won’t be reaping the benefits of hashtags unless you do them correctly. Take a look at this image below, which features the analytics from my most engaged post. Over 28,000 of the impressions came from hashtags alone, and if you notice all the other numbers are in the 1k zone – with that being said it’s obvious this post wouldn’t have done as well as it did had I not used hashtags.

Now like I said, there is a right way and a wrong way to use hashtags. I added my hashtags from the post I just shared with you all below so you can get a better understanding of what I’m getting at. All of the hashtags I use are very community and niche specific, for example I’m not using #hiking I’m using #allaboutadventures or #travelstoke. I believe the best way to find relevant hashtags aside from websites that will (more often than not) have you pay to use their services, is by using your community! Find your favorite creators and see what hashtags they are using and then copy them into your notes. Make sure you post your hashtags in the caption or in a separate comment (what I do) immediately after posting.

Tip #2 Don’t Post and Ghost

I can’t express this enough!!! Do not go into Instagram, throw up some photo, and then shut your phone off and go about your day. When I post, I try to engage with people 15 minutes before posting and then 15 minutes after. Obviously no one knows for sure but when you throw a post up after not being active on Instagram at all it makes sense that Instagram isn’t going to boost your photo up to the top of the home page. Another issue about this is that if you do that it means *deep breath* you are just on Instagram for yourself. You are posting a photo not to inspire others, or create community, but rather to do it for yourself and your own confidence boost etc. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you aren’t actively trying to build a community they aren’t just going to build one themselves because you posted a cute selfie. Staying on after you post allows you to respond to people in REAL TIME and let them know you appreciate their kind words.

Tip #3 Do Not Try to Post Every Day

If you are a full-time content creator, this can *somewhat* be a different story even though I’m still not a supporter of it. However, if you are like 90% of the world then you probably are just doing social media-ish as a side hustle or hobby. With that being said, I beg of you please do not get in the mindset of posting just to post or because you feel like you need to every day. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE BURNOUT HARD AND YOUR CONTENT WILL BE SLACKING. I think it’s totally reasonable to try to be active on your stories every day, but there honestly is no humanly way to come up with a captivating caption and pair it with an amazing photo Giving yourself breaks also allows you to have the creative energy to think of new ideas, and things to talk about with your audience. The quality of the content you post is SO much more important than the quantity. I really like using programs like Planoly to see what pictures I can use, and to help me get content ready for the upcoming week.

For Tik Tok

Feeling like a real old person talking about Tik Tok like it’s some new gadget on the block the youngsters are playing with – but really Tik Tok is taking off and joining it now is a really good way to get a head start. Tik Tok currently is set up in a way right now that makes it really easy to grow. My tips for Tik Tok are short and brief, however extremely useful.

Tip #4

Post Often

First thing I can suggest is to keep pushing out content. Unlike Instagram, it’s not quite as hard to push out content on a daily basis because the content itself is a lot easier to create. If you can’t post every day, try to make an intention to post at least 3 or 4 times a week. Consistently is key!

Take Advantage of Trends/Hashtags

Tik Tok’s way of creating a community is really unique, because most of the interaction comes from directly building off of other people’s content. On Instagram it’s more about 100% individuality and doing what no one else has done. For Tik Tok though… it’s all about interacting with other users. With that being said, take advantage of ‘challenges’ respond to other people’s videos with your own spin/ participate in duets, etc. Finally, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HASHTAGS. Aside from the #fyp #4u hashtags, find one’s that are trending and relevant to you and USE THEM. It is so easy to go viral on Tik Tok right now, so take advantage!

For Pinterest

Tip #5

Create Pin’s for All Blog Posts/Instagram Posts/etc and Utilize SEO

Pinterest is such a great tool to use if you are trying to drive traffic to a webpage. Pinterest drives about 75% of my website traffic, and I spend less than 45 minutes a week working on it. Pinterest is great because in a way, it has built in SEO so you don’t have to use the extra work. Here’s how I set up a pin that will drive traffic.

So since ‘Inspirational Quotes’ was trending on Pinterest I decided to use that as an example. Let’s say I have a inspirational quote graphic I’m going to upload, so the first thing I’m going to do is type in the search bar ‘Inspirational Quotes,’ then if you look at the top you’ll notice Pinterest will automatically suggest popular searches in regards to your search. So, what Pinterest is telling you is that when searching for ‘Inspirational Quotes’ people are also searching for ‘motivational inspirational posts’ and ‘inspirational quotes about strength.’ I usually jot these down on a notebook so I can remember.

The next step is to get your pin ready. Once you come up with a relevant title, use all of those words you previously wrote down to plug in to your description. Below, I’ve attached a great example from my own Pinterest. When you search Sedona on Pinterest some of the first things that come up are ‘Phoenix,’ ‘Arizona,’ ‘family-friendly things to do,’ etc. I then took those keywords and used them to make a caption that was relevant and only a liiiiiittle bit wordy. As you can also notice though, this pin in 1 month alone gets my website 394 clicks, you really only need a very small amount of pins that do decently well to drive a nice amount of traffic to your page.

Thanks for reading along, and have the best day 🙂

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