Did you know that 72% of all internet users are now active on social media websites?

Pretty crazy right? More than half of the people in the world are active
on some kind of social media site. 
Some people use these sites purely for
connecting and staying in touch with their friends and family. Others, such as myself,
these websites for business, networking, building a team,
and whole bunch of other reasons!

With that many people using social media, I figured it was a good idea to give you guys a short list of 5 tips that I personally think are important when using social media sites for your business…
Hope you enjoy!

  • Brand Yourself → What is your personal brand? This is the first question that you should be asking yourself. In order to build a following you need to figure out your brand. Your brand is what determines not only your image, but the things that you’ll be posting and talking about as well. If you’re trying to be branded as a Positive, go-getter, online entrepreneur than chances are you’ll be posting content like, how to videos, positive quotes, inspirational stories, different marketing strategies, and other useful content such as that.
  • Share Quality Content → People normally follow someone when they see a post with something they like or agree with. If you’re not sharing good quality content, no one is going to want to follow you. You attract how you act and the things you post, attract followers who agree with what you’re saying in your posts. A few good examples of “quality content” are: Positive/Motivational quotes, free training, sharing wisdom posts, videos, informative blog posts or articles, ect..
  • Offer Added Value → A good way to keep your followers engaged and on the look out for your posts is to offer added value where ever you can. What I mean by this is hangouts, training webinars, offer ebooks, free consultations, or videos. Some of these help people get to know you better and some of them will help further their trust and respect for your content.
  • Participate In Conversations →    No one likes “ghost” followers.. If you want to make a real connection with your followers and prospects you need to engage with them. As I’ve always said, Engagement = Engagement. You need to like and comment on their content and engage in conversation when they do comment on yours.
  • Be Consistent →  Consistency is one of the most important tips I can give about social media. Especially now with most social networks moving towards edge rank and trending content. You need to consistently be posting to your social networks and engaging with your following. Whether you’re posting a quick one sentence status or writing a long wisdom filled novel of a post, you’re followers want to hear from you.  If you start taking all the right steps people will actually be waiting for your posts each day ready to engage and share their opinion with you. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some value!

 Brooke Neari

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