Having an online presence is essential for any company that wants to reach their audience. Social media is a key element of any business nowadays, too. However, being able to properly and successfully manage social media platforms might be a bit of a challenge. This is why we have gathered 5 useful social media tips for small businesses to take full advantage of these platforms. 

As small business owners, we tend to have a lot of ground to cover with limited resources. It only makes sense to look for different options and alternatives when we want to achieve our marketing goals. Social media platforms bring a lot of benefits to small business. Before we dive into the digital world, here are some social media tips for small businesses to consider. We shouldn’t start without having a plan, choosing a platform, engaging, using hashtags, and scheduling our posts. 

Planning is one of the most important aspects to consider before using social media for our business. Like with any other strategy, first, we need to know what our goals are. Amateur entrepreneurs might go and create their Facebook profiles before they even have a company to promote. This is a huge mistake we should avoid at all cost. Instead, think of the purpose your social media profiles will have. Keep in mind that each platform can help you reach different goals and attract different audiences. 

Choosing the right platform for your company is imperative. Doing some research regarding social media demographics will be of great help. Know the age, gender, time spent, along with online behavior patterns will you determine which platform to use and which to avoid. When you started your company, you carried out a market research, and social media is the same. 

For example, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, so you shouldn’t ignore it. According to Lyfe Marketing, the average age for FB users in between 24 and 35 years old; 47% of users are male, and 53% female; 56% of people 65+ years old have a Facebook profile, too. Instagram, on the other hand, has 51% males and 49% females, with 55% of its 1 billion monthly active users. 

Once you choose your platform and know how active your audience is, you need to share content that motivates interaction. Remember that social media is an outlet for people to relax and get distracted from day to day life stressors. When we post content, invite your followers to join the conversation. 

One of the best social media tips for small businesses is to create and share content that asks questions. That way, it’d be easier for your followers to engage and share your posts. Don’t forget to respond and interact with your audience. After all, those interactions could turn into possible sales or even loyal customers. 

In recent years, the once-known-as pound sign, now hashtag, has become an essential part of social media. Originally raised on Twitter, but not being a key element of Instagram and Facebook even, hashtags can help you reach a wider audience. You can even follow different hashtags to see posts related to it, instead of following users. 

Some general hashtag etiquette includes limiting the use of hashtags you use with each post and using popular hashtags to attract new followers. Also, don’t feel afraid of using funny hashtags, too. After all, social media is where your company can afford to be a bit silly every once in a while. 

Timing is really important when it comes to successful social media management. Remember that consistency is key to achieving online engagement. Choose specific days of the week and times of the day to post, instead of doing it randomly. This will allow you to focus on quality rather than the quantity of your content. 

Besides, you will be able to create anticipation, and your followers will know when to expect to hear from you. Another advantage is that this way, you can post during a day or two, and use the rest of the time to reply to comments or plan your social media strategy better. 

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