With increasing expectation for on-demand and trending content, it’s more and more difficult to keep up with social media management. Save some time with these six simple tricks.

Social media has become integral to digital marketing strategies. With higher visibility and expectation, it has become increasingly difficult for social media managers to coordinate multiple networks, communities, and even accounts both effectively and efficiently.

The key to social media is relevancy. Relevancy helps us to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right content, and that requires a lot of effort. This is especially true if you’re in the fashion or music industry. As mobile marketers, we are expected to be on social media 24/7. But how do we simplify our (already) hectic schedule?

Here are six tricks that will save you time, without discounting your results.

1. Perfect Your Daily Tasks

6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work – Perfect Your Daily Tasks
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The first step towards any goal is to take it step-by-step or one day at a time. Many forget that the same also holds true for social media management; it requires daily coordination and attentiveness.

As a social media marketer, it can be immediately bad if you miss a task or slip up once. That mistake is public and out there for the world to see. Accidentally posted a tweet with a typo that caused an unexpected backlash from the community? Or liked a post you shouldn’t have? Or forgot to post a note to contributors about modified hours? These are some examples of the mistakes that can happen if you don’t have a clear-cut posting routine. Adding any new task or project will be more difficult than it should be, which makes it hard to meet your end monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals.

So, the first trick is to perfect your daily tasks – the things you know need to be completed every day, without fail. Usually, this means scheduling out your posts on the major platforms. Once you have this schedule down, it will be much easier to accommodate new work and special projects that could benefit your social media presence.

2. Make Community Management Part of Your Routine

Make sure you dedicate a portion of your time to community management each day. Comments, questions, and other interactions will roll in throughout the day, but you’ll go crazy trying to address each one immediately. Instead, it’s best practice to check on your community in the morning. Reply to every direct message, product inquiry, or issue your customers experienced overnight. You can still respond to urgent messages on a case-by-case basis, but with most of your engagement taken care of in the morning you’ll have time to focus on other tasks throughout the day.

To save more time, consider starting a free trial for a social media scheduler that features an all-in-one social inbox. This will help you gather all your direct messages and comments from different social media networks into one place. Sprout Social and Buffer (Reply) offer this feature.

3. Download a Task Management App

6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work — Use a Task Management App
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Task management is essential. Having a task management app will help you to keep track of your daily to-dos and ongoing tasks, and give you the assurance that nothing slipped through the cracks. The app will also help you prepare for the days that you are busier than usual. Knowing beforehand will help you to plan your workload for the week.

I recommend Todoist. What makes it different is how it deals with routine tasks. The system recognizes dates and frequencies as soon as you add in a task. It will add the assignment the day you have it scheduled, so you know what needs to be done. The app is free and offers several premium features such as commenting and labels. It is also accessible through the web, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Windows, and Mac, which makes it easy to add any task on the fly.

Here are some of my social media routine tasks:

  • Gather Facebook analytics on the 1st of every month
  • Design and prepare Holiday posts every December 10th
  • Post trending articles on Twitter every day
  • Reply to direct messages on Instagram every day at 9 a.m.

4. Use Graphic Design & Photo Editing Apps

6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work – Shutterstock Editor

Designing custom posts can take up a lot of time. When there’s a ton of content to publish, the most convenient solution is to use graphic design and photo editing tools. To create custom designs on the fly, I use Shutterstock Editor. On this online photo editor tool are tons of design templates to choose from for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Editor makes it easy to edit photos with pre-set and custom filters, and it also makes it easy to prep graphics for social with an array of pre-set canvas sizes for the popular platforms. You can add text, shapes, icons, and more, then save your designs to come back to later.

5. Use Text Replacements

6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work – Text Replacement
Image by: TapSmart

Text replacement, a feature available natively on your mobile phones, can be a huge time saver. Just add a shortcut and let your phone do the rest. For example, when typing “btw,” your phone might replace it with “by the way.”

This can be especially helpful when replying to customer inquiries on social media (through FAQ answers you already have on file), a set of hashtags to your Instagram posts, and many more. Learn more about text replacements on your device (iOS, Android).

Tip: Make sure it’s a shortcut that you can remember. A simple method to is to abbreviate. For example: FB-FAQ-1; the [Social network]-[Type]-[Variation of an answer].

6. Try Google Extensions

6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work – Google Extensions
Image by: Toby

If you use Chrome as your browser of choice, you can download an extensive collection of extensions that can speed up your workflow:

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