“Social Media is like herding cats; you need lots of treats, patience and a thick skin to handle all the scratches.” – Anonymous

Image Courtesy: Presentation by National Entrepreneurship Network

For those who do it day in and day out know that Social Media Marketing is like walking a tightrope. You not only have to bring more and more likes, followers, or +1s on your page but also engage social users in a way that brings value for your business. 

If you are a startup, Social Media becomes all the more important. Infact, it’s a fantastic medium to promote your new product, service or idea; generate traffic for your website; build a brand; and sustain long-term relationships with customers.

But the big question that’s stopping you is HOW? 

It surely becomes easier if that advice comes from experts who have thoroughly analyzed the marketing strategies of other brands and present tried and tested, effective social media strategies.

One such dynamic group of experts National Entrepreneurship Network, Asia’s largest community of young and future entrepreneurs, have shared “8 Essential Social Media Tips for Your Start-up” that you must not ignore if you want to reap the maximum benefits from SMM. Here are some one-liners we picked up from their presentation:

  • Understand Audience Needs– There won’t be any engagement if you create content no one is searching for
  • Plan Content– Try reaching out to a niche audience, then create content other people do not have.
  • Go Physical– Marry social media to the physical world.
  • Think Multilingual– Having multilingual content would mean reaching out to a wider audience.

Watch the presentation to know all the 8 tips:

Have any tip that could help start-ups leverage social media for their business? Tell us in the comments below. 

Image Courtesy: Presentation by National Entrepreneurship Network

Watch the presentation to know all the 8 tips:

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