How To Boost Your Blog Success With Social Media Today

Are you active on Social Media? It’s a fact that your blog success is directly linked to your Social Media activity! When you first start blogging the Socialness of it all can be overwhelming, am I right? It’s just so much and there are so many networks to consider. One of the common newbie questions always is what’s the best? That is an impossible question to answer because they are all so different.

This year, in particular, has brought so many changes. That’s the thing though, it is always changing and usually when you think you have a strategy down the networks themselves change. I recently listened to a podcast where a top blogger said you have to constantly update your strategy.

Now I am not an expert at all but I can tell you that I am active everyday on Social Media and while many are screaming about the recent changes in Pinterest I am joyful about what I am seeing. No longer can you just post or schedule to post and be done, there seems to be a rise in the need to engage.

I have read posts that have said that followers don’t matter. Whattt? Everyone jumped on the Group Board train in Pinterest and for a while, it was really great. It was all post to group boards and forget it. Well, that is no longer the case..your fanbase matters people!!! Social Media is about engaging with people. So let’s take to trip to the different Networks

We all probably know by now that reaching organic viewers has been made impossible since Facebook rolled out ads. That was when bloggers ran screaming to Facebook Groups, which has always been uber helpful to us. That being said I have noticed what I like to call my disillusionment of Blogging Groups.

When I started I was getting so much traffic from Facebook and everybody seemed to be all about helping each other grow especially in the big groups. What I see now is a lack of accountability. People joining threads and not actually doing what they say they are or dumping their posts everywhere. It’s a real shame honestly because we are all in this together.

My tip is to stay away from big groups and join groups that are really moderated. I have a blogging group and I have ruled up the crap out of it. What has happened is there are about 20 bloggers who engage every day and actually do what they say they do.

Facebook Pages

I remember when I wanted to take down my Facebook Page because it just seemed pointless, well I have to tell you in the last month or so I have noticed that people are engaging with pages a lot. Could it be that pages are getting more play than groups now? Hard to say but I can definitely say it’s changing.

The thing with all Social Media is sharing more than your posting your own content. What I have also found is you have to get people talking so you definitely want to add a personal touch to what your posting in your previews. Two facebook pages that really have it going on in my opinion are:

Claudia and Divya have created the perfect balance of personal and business on their pages.

I had my doubts about Pinterest in the beginning but the truth is anybody can see results there. The key is realizing that it’s a search engine, not a network. Yes, a lot has changed there and you need to build your fanbase and connect with others.

The game changer for me was optimizing and branding. I took a free course that changed everything. First, if you aren’t making pinnable images then you mine as well forget it. Pinnable images are 735+1102 and branded with keyworded titles.

I completely optimized my profile which includes keywords and specific boards related to my blog. Everything is uniform

My advice is to definitely invest in a scheduler like Boardbooster. Their plans are reasonable and it cuts your work in half.

Now I know Twitter confuses many and I will even admit that it isn’t my favorite. There is engagement on Twitter. Lists are useful for keeping tweeters organized. I recently started using the engagement dashboard Commun-It. They even have a free plan that allows you to schedule campaigns that do actually increase followers and retweets.

Retweet the crap out of people that’s all I can say. Reply to people tweets.

Google Plus

Think Google Plus is dead? Think again! I admit I pretty much abandoned it myself. That was until one day I looked at my health blog’s stats and Google Plus had become my top referrer. Say what? Yes, completely true story. When you use it Google loves it and it helps your placement on search pages.

Have you seen Google Plus Collections? It’s like Pinterest in a way as you add content to collections separated by topics and others follow each collection. It has made a big difference in my traffic. Engagement is a little different in Google Plus. Basically, IDing posts get your content seen by that person’s followers as well. Another vehicle is the hundreds of Communities which operate much like groups.

Stumbled Upon And Flipboard

Both of these networks are low maintenance. The best way to use them is for quick bursts of traffic knowing that they will raise your bounce rate and will probably not be returning visitors.

My Advice

Take a look at your analytics to find out your top sources of traffic and concentrate on the top three. Don’t abandon all others but at least you know where your primary focus goes.

Build your fanbase! It is important to constantly build your followers

Separate your personal accounts from your blog or business accounts. I personally don’t mix the two. Something I find a lot of bloggers saying is that they can’t share certain things because people would know it was fake. This is a great reason to keep your personal separate.

Engage with others as much as you can. Share content from others and even engage on a somewhat personal level.

Keep up with changes in Social Media. I am constantly reading up on Social Media and Marketing because the internet never stops!

So do you agree? I hope these tips help you to skyrocket to Social Media success!

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