Hallowe’en Social Media Tips and Tricks

Most of us know that when a holiday comes around, we need to make a post for it. We like to call those “Gimme’s”. But in today’s day and age of social media, sometimes we need to step our game up. There are a couple of holidays that give us the opportunity to do more than a post on the day of. Today, let’s talk about Hallowe’en! With about a week to go before the big day, here are a few things you can do to help your social media presence scare up some engagement!

Decorate Your Social Media Profile

Fans of Hallowe’en love to decorate, but why stop at your home or office? Take some time to decorate your social media profile! Change the colour scheme of your cover photo, or add a spiderweb overlay to your profile pic! A couple of small steps like this can definitely make a difference and show your audience that you’re ready to celebrate!

Use Hallowe’en Imagery to Your Advantage

Why stop at just one post on Hallowe’en? Make a few posts leading up to the holiday, celebrating your office, your decorations, or just being excited! Take pictures of your team in costumes or of your products with decorations!

People love holidays, and people love sales, so when you combine the two, you can really get your audience excited. Post a sale, but do it with a spooky twist! “Scary Deals!” “Spooktacular Discounts!” etc.

How does Hallowe’en affect your business? Think about that, and consider what advice can you give your audience in relation to Hallowe’en and your business? For example, if you were a digital marketing agency, you could give your audience four great tips to help celebrate Hallowe’en!

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