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With 3.2 billion people actively using the internet on any given day, there are bound to be those who needs a little help with Windows, Android, Social Media or even their gadget.  Now, guidance is available through Supportive Guru, an interesting and informative website that offers tips, tricks and more for internet users.  The support site is quickly catching on as more and more users are clicking on for internet insight.

“We are pleased to be able to help users with our technical knowledge,” stated a Supportive Guru representative.  “We live in an era where technology makes the world go round.  People depend on it for work, their social lives and managing their finances.  When the internet is working properly, technology makes our lives comfortable and easy.  When it’s not…all hell breaks loose.  We are here to help with issues concerning Windows, Android, social media and much more.  We help our visitors get their lives back on track.  We also provide unique tips and tricks and interesting information that they won’t find anywhere else.”

Supportive Guru is comprise of a team of tech enthusiasts who work collectively together to provide the best in technology for users.  They not only provide tips, tricks and tutorials, they help troubleshoot problems as well. 

Topics on the site include internet, social media, blogging, SEO, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, apps, making money online and just about any other internet-related topic in existence.  It offers a one-stop-shop for users to turn to in order to find solutions or just to discover something new.  The fast growing site is a mecca for all things internet which is invaluable in this technical day and age.

Want to remove a watermark on an Instagram photo?  Computer is running slow and want to speed it up?  Interested in finding the best wallet?  Perhaps making money online sounds appealing.  Wherever the need or interest, chances are good the tech savvy site can accommodate.

Internet security is another subject that information and guidance is another subject the site offers guidance on.  Users can find steps to maintain safety while online and get advice on ways to keep data safe.  For those already infected or experiencing issues, there is help for that as well.

For more information on Supportive Guru, to troubleshoot a problem on Windows, Android or another device, or to learn interesting things available online, check out the Supportive Guru website at

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