According to the “In-Store Holiday Shopping” survey, a projected 88 percent of holiday shoppers are headed to physical stores this year. However, in a forecast completed by NetElixir, Amazon is projected to take 40 percent of holiday sales this season.

Whether your business is online or in-store, the holidays are an important opportunity to market your brand and get more customers. And, with more people making digital a part of their shopping journey, it’s important to incorporate social media into your holiday marketing strategy.

Here are a couple of ways you can use social media to market your business for the holidays!

1. Get Feedback

Make your customers heard and deliver the content people want to see. The holidays are a perfect time to make use of social media polling tools to ask your followers their opinion on your product or service.

Engaging with customers on this level is simple and straightforward. Plus, it can deliver super valuable insight that you can utilize even after the holidays over.

2. Get Festive

Stay relevant with holiday-themed posts and content. Think bigger, and make sure the content is just as valuable as it is aesthetic. Nowadays, people expect and react more positively to brands with strong social media visuals.

Adding festive touches to your social profiles could increase engagement and spark interest in new customers and old customers alike!

3. Spread the Cheer

The holidays are a great time to connect to customers on a new level. Many families have unique traditions for the holidays. What’s something unique about your business that you can share?

This time of year is a great opportunity to share your business’ philanthropic efforts and unique celebrations!

4. Give Gift Ideas

Take advantage of the gift giving season and promote your products as presents for loved ones and friends. Have fun with it! Depending on your brand, you can create different themes such as “gifts for the homebody” or “gifts for the traveler.”

From a wishlist to a gift guide graphic, there are countless opportunities to market your products as gifts.

5. Start a Contest

Nothing makes people love the holidays more than getting a deal (or a steal!). Set up a social media contest to spark interest, and strategically bring in new followers and new customers.

Keep in mind that different prizes and offerings will appeal to different demographics. Know your audience, and set up your contest accordingly.

6. Pay for Ads

As a small business, your reach on social media can also be small. While amping up your visuals and creating engaging posts is awesome, sometimes putting in a few dollars can have a huge return.

When done right, paid socials allow you to engage niche markets without breaking the bank. When people are out ready to buy during the holidays, there’s no better time to put your brand out there and get a bigger following!

7. Do What Works

The good news is the holidays don’t mean you have to overhaul your entire marketing strategy. If what you’ve been doing throughout the year has been working, keep at it!

The holidays simply present an opportunity to speak to the holiday shopper and have fun with your content!

8. Have Fun With It

If you’re a small business, you’re probably up in arms trying to prepare your business for the holidays and the tax season that follows. I mean it is the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year!

Still, it can be a lot of fun and a great use of your time coming up with a social media strategy for the holidays! Whether you’re doing a social media overhaul or just making slight adjustments to your current strategy, holiday-themed content will be sure to draw current and new customers in for the season.

What does your small business do on social media to market your brand for the holidays? What has worked or has not worked? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and let’s talk. We love knowing what the ScaleFactor community is up to. And as always, for everything else, check out the ScaleFactor blog.

Amy Furr &Amy Furr
Marketing Manager

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