After Law Enforcement has been contacted, get it out on Social Media. Only 11% of 785 votes did you think law enforcement was doing all they could. Don’t rely solely on them.  We have to be the voices more than ever.  The public has to keep the case from going cold.


Family member or close friend should create a page and name the admins. This needs to be persons that are willing to keep the page in the public eye.  Posting updates daily or at least 3-5 times a week.

Keep the name short e.g. Find Cole Thomas, Bring Home Angie, Team Donna Kay (make sure your page name and hashtags are not already in use)

Starters List of Facebook Pages to follow as your Missing Person Page:

🕵️‍♂️PI           ⭐️Non-Profit

This is a small list of what is available.  Type in Missing Person in the Facebook search. Like and follow other missing person’s in your area. They will do the same.

Consider following Search and Rescue groups in the area.


Anyone can create these and do. They are good to discuss theories and brainstorm with only members being able to see.  There is some great information included in some as well as false information and drama in others. Pick and choose wisely.

For example, the person that sent a formal complaint about David Marshburn with Search For Me Foundation is an admin of several groups. Her most recent being on the Casey Hathaway who was recently found and NOT sold or killed by the grandmother as the groups theory.  Families are already in turmoil.  Although these groups are members only, this is how rumors get started.  If you find yourself in a group like this, beware how quick someone is to judge of an already emotional situation.


Twitter is the next best place to keep the missing person’s case from going cold.  Share the missing flyer but also list the basics of the case and include hashtags. Popular Twitter hashtags #TuesdayThoughts #ThursdayThoughts #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #GreatWayToGetMyAttention #Missing #MissingPerson

No need to create a page for the missing person but do share the flyer with the details in the post. If you have group boards save to these. Share often. It will not hurt to hashtag as well.


There are many other social media sites to share the flyer on.

Grab a notebook and use it daily. Anything and anyone you speak with about your missing person, record it with a date as if you were writing a book.

Last but not least, Thank you to each and everyone of you following and supporting Search For Me Foundation. 

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