With the National Lacrosse League draft only a month away, the NLL announced recently that the Entry Draft will be held virtually for the first time in league history on September 17 at 7pm ET. 

The website swarmitup.com released an early list of NLL Draft participants last week that included links to at least one social media account for every NLL prospect in the draft. The list includes a link to the player’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles if they have them. Which means all eyes are on the top prospects—and their social media accounts.

While social media cleanup has become a key part of the pre-draft process for a number of professional sports leagues, the best way to avoid having to do this is to simply not post or “like” offensive things or record yourself doing something you wouldn’t do in public. But…

Since that isn’t always the case, we are breaking down the do’s and don’ts of social media for draft hopefuls—we even consulted some of the best social media professionals in the NLL to find out what makes them tick and how you can stand out as a top prospect on social media before the draft.


Start thinking of each social media profile you have as a landing page for your personal brand. 

This landing page is possibly the first encounter that fans are going to have with you, and you should want that first impression to make them interested to know more about you. 

1. Make sure your display name includes your first and last name. This should not be difficult because it’s your name—spell it correctly and use proper capitalization. This will make it easy for fans to find you online.

2. Match your usernames if you can. If you have more than one social media profile, try to use the same usernames if you can. This helps with consistency across platforms and makes it easier for fans to find you. 

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