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When you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or as a blogger, it can be a challenge to build a good, loyal following on social media. Next to everything you need to do, you have to spend time on creating quality content and figuring out how to reach your target audience. In this small guide, we’ll share our best social media tips for small businesses and bloggers who want to step up their social media game.

General Social Media Tips For Small Businesses And Bloggers

Before we start telling you about the social media we love to use and our strategy for them, we’d like to share some general social media marketing tips with you.

Specific Tips For Different Social Media

Now that we covered the basics that apply to everything you do in your social media marketing, let’s dive a little deeper into specific social media. We love to use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for our business. So we’re going to tell you a bit more about each of these so you can get started with your own strategy.

Pinterest was a real game-changer for us. It can be a huge source of traffic to your website or blog if you use it well. Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can find “Pins” on almost any topic that you can collect and save on boards of your choosing. In order to use Pinterest for your business or blog, you need to create a business account, claim your website and write a good bio. Because Pinterest is a search engine, you have to work with keywords. Think about what people could be searching for when trying to find your business or blog and add those keywords to your name, bio and board names and descriptions. Use as many keywords as you can think of.

When you create Pins, make sure they look good. You can use Canva to create beautiful visuals for free. They provide you with free done-for-you templates in the right size(s) that you can alter to fit your aesthetic. Then upload the Pins to (one of) your boards, with a good keyword rich description and a link to your blog post or website.

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For a successful Twitter account, choose a good, appropriate @accountname and write a good, clear bio. Upload a good quality profile picture of yourself. Twitter likes authenticity. So don’t be afraid to show a bit more personal things on there as well as promoting your blog posts and products/services. Twitter is all about engaging with others and building relationships. Make jokes, ask questions (and try to reply to the comments), engage with other people’s content as well and follow people that interest you. Focus on creating fun, quality content. Also occasionally retweet other people’s tweets that are relevant to your following. Tweet regularly throughout the day. We try to tweet at least 6 to 15 times a day and comment on replies and other tweets in addition to that.

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Instagram isn’t always our best friend. If you already use Instagram, you might have noticed it’s getting increasingly harder to get good engagement without paying for promoted posts. However, Instagram is still a great social medium to interact with your audience and it can still be (very) valuable to your business or blog. Especially as a blogger, a lot of brands that work with bloggers will ask for a good Instagram following. Therefore Instagram can’t miss from our social media tips for small businesses and bloggers guide.

The most important tip I have for you is to use the right hashtags. Aim to use relevant hashtags that are being used between 20,000 and 500,000 times (you can look this up by simply searching for the hashtag on Instagram itself or you can use the awesome built-in Tailwind tool to select good hashtags). This way your content is visible because the hashtag is used often enough, but your post won’t instantly drown because the hashtag is “overcrowded”.

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We’re a little lazy when it comes to Facebook. Because we like to focus on the social media platforms that we enjoy the most, we usually re-use our Instagram and Twitter content on our Facebook page. Occasionally we’ll post a story or an ad on there to change things up. When you post something on Instagram, you can easily link your Facebook page to your Instagram and automatically post it to your Facebook page as well. We tend to post once or twice a day on Facebook and share it on our personal accounts as well.

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Have Fun!

We hope these tips will help you create a kick-ass strategy to step up your social media game. While social media are a very great resource for your business, it can also be really overwhelming. So, above all, have fun with creating your content. Focus on the social media that you like and enjoy spending time on and remember you don’t have to do it all to be successful. You can focus on growing on one at a time.

Do you have some more social media tips for small businesses and bloggers? We’d love to hear them in the comments below this post!


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