The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in so many ways, from the impact it has had on businesses to pressures of home schooling and wellbeing concerns. In order to help navigate some of these issues we have invited professionals from various sectors to provide their own expert advice and support, covering topics including finances, marketing, home schooling and mental health.

Keeping it local and keeping it real

There are moments when we all feel the overwhelming feelings rise in the current situation we find ourselves in. The one thing that keeps bringing me back to a level head is that we are all well and truly in this together. Not just here but all over the world. Communities are supporting one another, creatives are collaborating and people are really there for each other.

My social media agency Kitch has been running for the past 8 years and we have never been in a situation where the business has been affected quite like this and I’m sure many of you find yourselves on uncertain ground. Some clients have flourished and that is a wonderful thing when they are bringing food, goods and yoga to people’s homes. We too have been affected by the workflow and the majority of our team are waiting in the wings to come back and join us soon.

Clients that we are working with keep asking, ‘but what can I share if we’re closed?’ I always reply with ‘there’s so much you can still talk about.’ So have a sit down, make a plan and decide where you want to be when we come out the other side. A forgotten business that dwindled away with many others or a business that became a brand and kept the conversation going with their customers?

Much of social media is bringing the relationship to those at home and wherever they are, so just because you can’t provide your service or sell you coffee doesn’t mean your customers don’t still care and want to hear from you. It’s the small things like commenting on someone’s photo or checking in with people and asking if they’re ok that make a difference at the moment. It also keeps your brand front of mind when people are thinking about where they want to go first when this is all over.

It may be that you are able to seek opportunity and begin selling coffee or services online or helping other businesses with their deliveries or even volunteering yourself to those in need.

For local businesses out there that want to be remembered and in a good position for the recovery phase I would recommend the following to keep your customers engaged:

  1. Keep interacting with people on your social accounts. Check your dms regularly and respond to people. Follow new people and engage on relevant hashtags in your area.
  2. Share what you’re up to. People buy into you as a person not just what you sell. Remember to stay positive and promote happiness through what you share, also sense check it if you’re unsure to make sure it won’t offend or upset anyone.
  3. Make a plan for reopening. Will your business stay as it is or will you need to adapt? Perhaps more takeaways or online orders will be needed. Now is the time to invest in researching how you can do this and plan ahead.
  4. Advertising, it may seem like a push at the moment but if you’re able to offer your products online then join those in the mix as they are taking market share with people buying more online than ever.
  5. Partner with others to make your offering stronger. People don’t just want coffee, they want simple groceries and staples too. See who is doing well locally and suggest working together to create something people need and split the resource between you.

The doors to your business may be closed but there’s a window of opportunity there for the taking.

If anyone would like to sense check any ideas or needs some advice then please do get in touch with me on

Natalie Dunning
Director of Kitch Media

Photo by Helen Cawte Photography

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