These 9 Social Media Tips I’m going to share with you will help you get more people sharing your content so you can grow your business faster.

Imagine this…you share your content on Social Media and it gets shared like a wildfire that can’t be contained.

That would be uh-mazing right?!

If you can get people to share your content on Social Media your efforts can literally be multiplied.

Or if you’re spending money on Advertising, your advertising dollars can go 10X further.

So in this Episode, I’m going to give you 9 social media tips to get MORE people to share your content on Social Media so you can work smarter NOT harder when it comes to promoting You, Your Brand and Your Business.

Social Media Tips – How To Get More People To Share & Engage With Your Social Media Posts – Episode 153

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Depending on your niche or your tribe… your people might already be sharing your content on Social Media….

But for some of us…we need to condition our audience to share our content.

And not because it’s a popularity contest… but rather it;s a business building strategy.

Your content going viral can 10x your efforts and help you grow your business in a shorter amount of time.

So when your content goes viral you want to make sure that people are taking action…you want them to take action and want to learn more about your business, products or service.

Now let’s dive into the 9 Social Media Tips to get MORE people to share your content on Social Media

Social Media Tips #1 – Tell people to share

You gotta tell people to share your content… don’t expect people to know what to do. You have to tell them.

You want to have a call to action at the end of each post telling them what their next step is.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably noticed I encourage people to share my content.

Social Media Tips #2 – Remind them how awesome it will make them look

People love being looked up to or having status so remind them  that if they share your content it will make them look like an absolute Rockstar.

Social Media Tips #3 – Tell them what’s in it for them

Let your people know what’s in it for them if they share your content.

Stroke their ego a little bit and maybe incentivize them a bit.

With that said, lets move on to strategy #4…

Social Media Tips #4 – Incentivize the share with prizes

If you tune into my Facebook page you’ll know that every Tuesday I do a Facebook Live called ‘Tuesday With Tanya.’

On my Live I encourage everyone to share my Live and then let me know they shared in the comments section so I can see who shared.

And every week I put everyone who shares into a drawing and we draw a winner and we gift them a free mug that’s branded to my free Facebook group called The B-Lab.

This is a fun way to incentivize my audience to share my Facebook Lives with the people they know.

So just think of ways that you can incentivize people to share your content and start implementing it.

You’ll soon start to see your content getting shared more and more.

Social Media Tips #5 – Get people to share and give their opinion

People love giving out their opinion on things.

So when you create a piece of content or do a Live, ask people to share but also have them add their thoughts or opinion on the content that you posted.

Social Media Tips #6 – Share and tag you

You can also ask them to share your content and then tag you.

Mention to them that you’ll come out and give them a high five for doing that, they’ll be motivated to share because who doesn’t like getting recognition from their favorite brand?

Social Media Tips #7 – Share and get shared

Okay this one is pretty straight forward.

If you want people to share your stuff then you will want to reciprocate and share their stuff too.

It’s kind of like Karma…you get back what you put out.

So there you go that’s strategy #7. Simple yet effective.

Social Media Tips #8 – Do Share Shoutouts

People Love recognition especially from brands that they look up to and enjoy tuning into.

So on my Facebook lives and also on my weekly episodes I say, “Hey, comment or share below and I’ll give you a share shoutout”

I do this a lot on my Facebook Lives and people just love hearing me call out their name and giving them recognition.

Social Media Tips #9 – Share recognition & celebration

I’ll say it again…people Love being recognized.

So whenever someone mentions me and shares my content I grab a snapshot of them sharing my stuff and I will post it on my Instagram & Facebook story and I’ll tag them to show them that I loved their share and it also gives them recognition and exposure on my platform.

So what happens is it will make them feel good about sharing my stuff and encourages them to keep sharing my content and it also gives them exposure which is a nice incentive as well.

And keep in mind people will take notice and know that if they share your content you will in turn give them a shout out and they will get exposure.

This will motivate others to start sharing as well 😉

Ok so there you have it.

9 powerful ways to get people sharing your content to help your brand & business grow.

Social Media Tips – In Closing

Always remember that no matter how popular you get or how viral your content goes, you need to have a good strategy to convert the people who are watching or reading your content into sales and sign ups.

That is why I put together My Social Media Scripts That Convert so you can convert a good portion of the people that come across your content into teammates or customers.

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Did you get some value from these social media tips?

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