Nonprofits often have tight budgets, small teams, and too many other priorities to create a social media strategy. Social media has become such a broad subject in our society and has provided us with some of the largest platforms to reach specific audiences effectively. With the right strategy, nonprofits can overcome those obstacles and use social media platforms to make those connections that drive people to donate.  

Post interactive content to encourage engagement. 

Interactive content is content that the audience can do more than watch or read. Sprinkling this type of content throughout your social media platforms will drastically change the engagement rates on posts, and you can see what your viewers have more interest in. Although engagements are useful, making sure your posts serve a purpose is essential.


A significant way to engage with your audience is including attention-grabbing images and fun colors. Images could highlight your cause, how it has impacted others, and even those behind the scenes. Reciting posts into video form allows you to reach out to a whole other audience. Many viewers like more visual posts because they are more fun to watch or read. 

Be consistent and post regularly. 

Always keep in touch with your followers and viewers. Often nonprofits only post when there is a specific event coming up or even when they need to raise money. Post consistent content about what you want your audience to care about. The key to social media engagement is consistency, so create a posting schedule that you can stick to. You need to post very regularly to create real awareness. 

Make it easy for followers to donate.

By posting regularly, you gain followers’ interest in your particular cause. Making an easy path for people to donate is vital, such as creating a specific section on your website dedicated to donations or even a go-fund-me page. Be sure to create posts that educate viewers on how they could donate to your cause. 

No matter if your nonprofit is starting or has been an organization for a long time, following these tips will effectively increase engagements, donations, and awareness of your cause. Remember that building a social media strategy is a long-term game, and there’s no better time than to get started now. 

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