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Social Media Tips are one of the most underrated things when marketing for your business. With the emergence of social media it is important that you know the best times to post to drive in the most from your audience. There are several rules to follow by in posting as well as how you should go about reaching a farther audience. See my tips below and you will become a pro at using Social Media to drive in more business! For the sake in keeping this blog short enough for your attention span, I am only going over Facebook today. If you like my tips feel free to request another platform!

Tip 1: Learning how to post

Most people don’t take posting seriously and that is the number one mistake when using Facebook. For most people social media is the first introduction point to your business. While you do want to keep it fun, you also want to be taken seriously. When posting consider these Social Media Tips:
1. Always post at least 3 Sentences! This Will coincide with your SEO and consistently brand yourself. Consider it from this point of view. When you are scrolling through your Facebook what is the content you scroll past opposed to the content you take the time to view? Get your audience engaged in whatever way possible.
2. What do others think of your post? A secret to getting people involved is finding what they care about! Personally I talk to people about my posts and try to get a feel of what my audience wants to hear or see. A big winner for me is meeting milestones for my small Business. You will catch me posting often about getting jobs with clients, wrapping up jobs with clients, linking work I did for clients, as well as company goals. Did you get a company phone line? Post it to facebook. Did you re brand yourself? Post it to Facebook. People engage with milestones.

Tip 2: Copy and Grammar

Grammar is very important in the world of social media. If somebody thinks you are unable to articulate correctly, why should they even consider you for business? Take the time to write your post in an organized fashion! There is a huge difference between texting, posting, and writing. Is your business model aimed at a teenage age group? Consider using grammar they would relate to. Is your target market infants? Tailor your posts and writing to an older group who will be looking to buy for infants. Posting is much more than writing some words on a business page. It is connecting your audience to your product or service through your chosen medium.

Tip 3: Pictures

Imagery is a proven method in connecting with your audience. Not only will it visually stimulate people, it will give you a chance to show off your work! Take pride in your work and show it off as often as possible. An image with text opposed to just text is way more likely to get a positive response online! The better the response, the more viewers you will receive. If you are using images with Facebook you must make sure that you DO NOT post the same images over and over. This will absolutely destroy your credibility as well as deter potential fans. Photos generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments. Get people involved!

Tip 4: Video

There is absolutely a reason why you see video all over the place. With an emergence of vine and Snapchat it has almost become a sensation for comedy to be portrayed through small video clips. There are a few golden rules to video online:
-Keep it consistent with your brand
-Brand yourself directly on the video.
-Keep to the point
-Unless you absolutely have to, keep the video under 6 minutes
-Keep the video relevant to your business!

Social media is all about keeping trendy and these factors directly relate to current trends! A funny 6 second skit would get much more people involved than a 10 minute documentary!

Tip 5: Times to Post

Most people don’t realize there are good and bad times to post on Facebook! To reach the biggest possible audience, make sure to keep your posts coming at certain times to get the most out of them! Please see times below:
-Posting between 1PM and 4PM result in the highest click through ratio. (Get people on your site with links!)
-Wednesdays around 3PM result in the highest traffic. If you have something to say make it known! Even if you post once a week Wednesday at 3PM would be a great time to do it!
-DO NOT post on weekends before 8AM, or after 8PM. Traffic dies down tremendously.

Tip 7: Don’t post unless someone somewhere is going to care.

There are so many people who will post things that aren’t relevant to anything about their business. Don’t just post a picture of a shoe if your not going to say anything about it. People are much more likely to interact when you post something meaningful. Unless it’s something that is propelling your business forward, why even make the post? Keep it simple. Keep it consistent. Keep yourself Credible. It’s that easy.

Tip 8: Timeline Cover Photo

Your timeline cover photo has endless potential to do anything you want it to. Do you want to run a promotion? Put it in your cover photo. Want to show off some work? Put it in your Cover Photo. Want to let people know about new additions? Put it in your cover photo. You get the point by now so ill stop. But remember. Your cover photo is your Brand! I Highly recommend using your colors, logo, and adding a description on the picture. Simple yet effective SEO methods as well.

I even know a Graphic Designer who designs FREE cover photos. That is such an outside the box line of thinking that has her such a great following on Facebook! See the link below so you don’t have any more excuses on why your cover photo is a cutoff picture of crap!

Tip 9: Get yourself Reviewed!

With a terrible star rating you can almost guarantee nobody will do business with you. So make sure you don’t get a low star rating! Take that extra step and ask people to rate your business. It’s a complete no-brainer, yet I don’t know many people who do it. Why is that? Having lots of reviews will help your business tremendously. Yes People look at Reviews and yes People care about the opinions of others. Isn’t that what social media is, anyway?

Tip 10: Mutual Promotion

For some reason I find it that many people have a hard time promoting others for business and for the life of me I can’t find out why! Let’s say you have 500 followers but are having trouble getting any more than that. You should work together with another business and help each other with promotion. I’ve found I can get more followers easily just by having both parties post a status about each other. Make it compelling. Remember you are not trying to gain followers in your network. you are trying to gain followers OUTSIDE of your current network. Think outside the box!

Tip 11: Set your Facebook name and fill out all information fields!

Nothing looks more unprofessional than leaving fields blank on your Facebook page. Set your Hours, put a description, and caption your pictures. it’s really not that hard. And yes I catch myself making those mistakes all the time but hey it WILL help you out. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a URL like this ‘’

WHAT IS THAT?! I even saw somebody put that on a business card earlier today. I feel bad because nobody will go online and type a URL in that’s 80+ characters. I’m being dramatic but it still drives me nuts!


Since I was constantly preaching about trying to be innovative I am going to take this time to practice what I have been preaching. This is only my second blog for my business, (Rivera Projects LLC) and I’ll be honest I am enjoying this. My first blog post is up to about 50 shares and I was astounded people found the information on SEO tips so useful. Anyway the lady I met who was picking my brain and inspired me to blog happens to also own a small business. I am going to take this time to really give her business a shout out!

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Again I want to thank you for ready my blog post! Find my information below if you care to reach out with any questions or concerns about more Social Media Tips!

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