Whenever a big brand name has a great Facebook post or an insightful Twitter thread, there’s a common response, “Give this intern a raise!” Perhaps interns ran social media accounts a decade ago. But today, a carefully considered social media strategy is an essential aspect of marketing a business. It’s common for entire teams to support a brand’s social media presence, sinking untold hours into making the process look effortless from the outside.

If you’re running a small business, it can be tough to know where to start with social media. Sure, you know how to post your own personal Instagram updates, but how should your voice change when you represent a brand? Should it change when multiple people represent it? What engagement data do you need to track? Should you bother getting your brand on LinkedIn?

We asked a bevvy of social media experts, marketing directors, small business owners, and even a university professor what are the best moves and worst mistakes a business could make when it comes to social media.

One common theme is how social media accounts need to be personalized to each business’s unique audience, so we can’t give you exact answers for everything your business needs individually. But, if you know the best practices and approaches to take, you’ll have the tactics you need to blow everyone away. Even if they’ll still assume you’re just an intern.

Here’s our entire list of social media tips — you can click on each tip to jump right to the one that interests you, or just keep scrolling down to read each tip in turn.

Getting Started:

Staying Steady:

Going the Extra Mile:

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