We all want to get the best advice when we go to Twitter, no matter the topic at hand. Especially when dealing with social media, Twitter can be a place where you can stumble upon a lot of noise that will shift your focus away from the really interesting and useful articles on great social media tips & tricks.
This list will offer you 10 Twitter accounts to follow if you’re passionate about social media and you’re always interested about staying in the loop with what’s what in the field.
A Visibility Strategist with a “rockin’ positive attitude” and co-author of the “Art of Social Media”, Peg Fitzpatrick is followed by over 68K people on Twitter and there’s a reason for that. Always insightful, always interesting, this account should be on top of your following list.
Jeff Bullas is a Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Specialist & Speaker, present on Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer list and has the number 1 Global Business Blog. Be sure to follow Jeff for daily social media tips and tricks meant to take your business and brand to the next level.
Diana Adams is a tech journalist working for Apple CAN since 2009. Her over 150K followers simply can’t get enough of her best practices when it comes to digital transformation, AI and machine learning. Put a pin on this one!
You can’t make a ‘top 10 Twitter accounts to follow’ list without putting Guy Kawasaki in the mix. As self-described “chief evangelist at Canva, part of the board of directors at Cheeze and brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz, there’s no doubt that following his useful tips and tricks will take your brand above and beyond.
One of the New York Times’ Bestselling authors & business advisor is always tweeting about strategies and tactics entrepreneurs should take into account for their business. His over 340K followers never skip a beat.
Marsha Collier is an author with over 1 million copies sold worldwide on the following subjects: Social Media, eCommerce, eBay, Customer Service. Feel free to follow her on Twitter or listen to her Tech Radio podcast for weekly helpful insights.
Mari Smith is a top Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Thought Leader, Public Speaker and Author with a focus on getting companies to connect with their key target audiences in a faster and more efficient way.
Dave Kerpen is the co-Founder of Likeable Media and a NYTimes bestselling author. With loads and loads of knowledge and experience in social media, Dave is not one you should look at lightly. Follow his Twitter feed for action-packed social media tips and tricks.
As co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, Andrea Vahl has managed (for quite some time now) to make a name for herself in the digital communication sphere. There’s no point in looking up social media strategies, especially for Facebook, without giving her account a follow.
And last, but not least, our Twitter account should definitely be on your following list, because we try to offer the most relevant and well-written news, updates and tips & tricks for social media, from all the top industry sources.
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