The social media year 2021 is here! 2020 showed us how important it is to be present on social media and to keep in touch with your followers. We’ll show you what you can do this year to get even more attention and engage your followers. Here are our 5 tips.

1. Manage your Community in Real-Time

Don’t be afraid to interact with your community and respond directly to comments, questions or messages – possibly in real-time. According to a study, three out of ten users use social media to interact with companies. You should do everything you can to ensure that your users’ requests get a quick response. Content formats like live video make it possible to respond to users’ questions while still streaming. This creates real-time conversations, almost as if you were standing in the same room. Make sure your community management team responds to all direct message requests as well as comments on feed posts and ads as quickly as possible. This will strengthen the bond between you and your followers and increase engagement.

2. Focus on Authenticity 

The importance of authenticity on social platforms is huge and will not lose its impact in 2021! According to a study by Stackla, 90% of consumers say authenticity is important to them when deciding which brand to like and support. More and more brands and companies are starting to show their authentic and personal side on social media. 

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Ben and Jerry’s shows how to convince with authenticity here. In this post, the company clearly positions itself in favor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. In doing so, the company highlights a topic that moves their followers and earns more than 92 thousand likes for it. Supportive and honest.    

It’s important to remember that presence trumps perfection. In times of Corona and BlackLivesMatter, companies are increasingly challenged to take a stand in order to appear more authentic to their community and convince with their stance. Social responsibility and brand authenticity have become more important than ever. How about showing your true colors this year, sharing something about topics that matter to your company and take live Q&As from your followers? It’s time to join the movement, be more transparent with your community and build a stronger connection.

3. Rely on Long-Form Videos

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have clearly set the trend towards short-form videos over the past year. But longer videos have clear advantages over stories. You can use long-form videos to communicate your topic in a much more detailed way. For example, use YouTube videos, Facebook videos or IGTV on Instagram for product showcases and storytelling. Even TikTok is working on enabling videos up to three minutes long.

Source: Instagram, Nike

For example, Nike uses long-form videos on Instagram and excites with its content. The video above is from the ‘Dream Crazier’ video series, where athletes introduce themselves and their “crazy” dreams in sports. With over 550 thousand likes, the post received wide approval from the community and was viewed more than 4.4 million times. 

4. Increase your Success with Long-Term Collaborations 

In 2021, collaborations will remain one of the most important and valuable tools for increasing social reach. If you haven’t worked with influencers yet, you should start now. The bond between influencer and community helps you promote your products trustfully. Where classic advertising reaches its limits, you can use existing reach and expand your brand awareness. With well-thought-out collaborations, branded content and authentic product promotion, your company will benefit from a collaboration in the long term. Use the creativity and activity from influencers for your company. There is a reason why TikTok and Snapchat, for example, work so closely with creators and are continuously supplied with content. Snap Inc. pays $1 million a day to keep new content popping up in the Spotlight Feed. Partner with influencers or creators this year to increase your social media reach.

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5. Create shareable Content

If other users share your feed posts in their stories or feed, you can easily expand your reach. Think about what drives your audience and what content they are likely to share. Your content should have a strong connection to what matters to your audience. How about infographics, facts that shock or inspire, funny memes, or engaging quotes? Don’t be afraid to try new things. Once users share your content, it becomes clearer what appeals to your audience and what content performs best. 


Social networks are dynamic, and it’s often hard to tell how they’re progressing. Our tips will help you interact more effectively with your community and win them over with a variety of formats and features. Always remember to stay true to yourself as a brand and be authentic, that’s the only way your followers will stay with you. Collaborations are one of the most effective ways to create content and expand your reach. Create content that is shareable, use long-form as well as short videos that resonate with your target audience. To a successful 2021!

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