Guest Post by Sarah Rose Stack, Director of Business Integration

Social Media is like a giant coffee shop where everyone is constantly stopping by to say hello and connect.  The networking opportunity is massive however, you must keep a few key things in mind if you want to take full advantage of the ocean of opportunity that social media has to offer. Continue reading for 5 tips to help take your social media skills to the next level.

Have an Active and Authentic Page

Be your best self; you are enough. Social media is first and foremost, social. Therefore, you should follow the golden 80/20 rule with 80% of your posts being about your life, hobbies, family and other non-business content.  Be sure to have a complete profile and share authentic content (Bonus – media-rich posts such as ones with photos, videos, and links tend to get even more engagement) on a regular basis.  Don’t forget to respond and engage with others on your page!

Photo Quality

Let’s face it, people respond to some images more than others. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to increase the quality of your photos.  Basic things that you can do to improve your photo quality:

Stories vs. Selling 

What would you trust more: what a company says about a product or what your friend shared with you about a product? Stories and testimonials remain the most effective way to market a product.  Further, people are inundated with deals and advertising. Rather than compete for their attention with generic messaging, add a personal touch and share deals that you have taken advantage of and products you’ve had a great experience with.  You can also share products or deals one: one based on what your customer would be most interested in. Finally, share resources that make shopping simple and fun such as buying guides, ShopBuddy, comparison shopping and more.  The key is to be authentic by sharing what you have experienced and/or sharing something that you know will be helpful for your customer.

Daily Networking

As an UnFranchise Owner, you want to be continuously adding to your possibilities list. One way to do this is to reach out to 2 new people per day to rebuild or build a connection. Haven’t talked to that one person on your names list since high school 20 years ago? No problem! While it might be socially awkward to call that person on the phone, it is completely natural to reach out on social media. Comment on one of their posts or send a direct message to say hello and ask how they’ve been.  It’s not about recruiting, it’s about prospecting and building relationships. If you could commit to two per day, that would equate to 30 per month and healthy rotating funnel of prospects to work with and potentially qualify.

Follow Market America, Shopping Annuity, SHOP.COM, and your favorite Brands

Following these channels can do so much for you as an UnFranchise Owner. Here are a few reasons to follow the corporate channels:

Looking for the corporate channels: they can be found on the Community page of your website: HERE

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