Many professionals struggle to determine what social media platforms and strategies work best for them. With these tips, we can help you get your bearings, and build a personal brand that will attract clients and set you apart in the crowded digital marketplace.

Demographic Then Platform

Who you market to goes hand-in-hand with
what platforms you use. You can choose from a multitude of social platforms,
but first you have to ask yourself a few questions. Decide what age you are
marketing to, where your target audience is located, and what type of brand you
want to build.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and LinkedIn all serve different purposes, and not all of these platforms are right for your brand. Platforms such as WeChat, which is mostly popular in Asia, can serve your needs if you want to build a brand internationally, and accounts on Tumblr mostly target younger age groups.  It’s important that business understand the social media demographics of each social media platform.

Curate An

Apart from a logo, creating a specific
visual theme on social media accounts is an integral part of branding. When
users scroll down your brand’s page, they should see a group of posts that look
coordinated. Decide whether you want a clean and minimalist look or a more
vibrant look. Do you want a color palette that consists of pulling one specific
color or would you rather use a group of colors such as pastels? Your color
coordination and overall aesthetic of your accounts should attract viewers and
create a put-together, thoughtful image for your brand.


You should have consistency not only in
visuals, but also in the voice and style you set for your company. This could
mean a casual, easy-going vibe or a more formal tone. You can use hashtags and
reference popular culture trends or memes, or you could steer clear of all that.
Of course, try to stay within a happy medium of conversational and
professional. Whatever you decide, stick with it and display it in all your
posts and branding.

You should also post on a relatively
consistent schedule. Posting too often will annoy your followers, but posting
infrequently will lose their attention. Depending on the platform, you can post
daily or only a couple times a week, as long as you do so with a mostly regular

Keep It
Short And Sweet

Overcomplicating your marketing can lose
a potential customer’s interest. Be direct in your message and streamline
information in your profile and your posts. Only put out content that’s
relevant to your brand and will promote your mission statement.

Make It

Your followers should be able to
distinguish between your post and another brand’s post. They can do this by
recognizing your unique visual aesthetic, the language in the caption, or more
likely a combination of these and more factors.

Your posts can also include a personal
element involving you and/or your staff. Your brand is more than the carefully
selected photos and posts that pop up in your followers’ feeds. Show clients
who and what is behind the brand you put out on your social media accounts by describing
your origin story or posting pictures of your work process. Authenticity will
go far and help you connect with your customers on a more human level.

With Clients

Building a personal brand
identity involves actually getting personal
. Encourage customers to give
feedback, respond to their inquiries, engage with them. This can come in the
form of Q&A sessions on Instagram stories, live streaming on Facebook, or
even simply replying to their comments on your posts. You don’t have to respond
to every comment or direct message, but make an effort to connect. Customers
want to know you notice their questions, comments, and concerns, so engage with
them to let them know they are heard. User interaction can increase follower
retention and bring new customers to your business as well.


If you are just beginning or even if you
have already established your business, your brand could benefit greatly from
outside help. At Connectica, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with brands
in all stages of development to give you the tools you need to flourish. We can
kickstart your accounts and advise you along the way. Most importantly, we work
to help you execute your vision.  In
addition to this guide, contact us to find out how our social media services can help your brand realize its
full potential.

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